How to Set Up Email Alerts For Topics on

Did you know that you can set up notifications for topics on Sign in to your account and then navigate to your notifications by visiting: Once you are there you can create new notifications by adding a search string for a topic that you’re interested in following. The “notification name” field will be Read More

Fine-Grained WordPress Trac Notifications Help Core Contributors to Specialize

If you visit, you’ll find that there’s a new greeting in place. This addition is part of Andrew Nacin’s most recent round of updates for WordPress contributors. The greeting serves to introduce visitors to the development blog and weekly meetings, and also helps to quickly funnel bug filing and contributions to the appropriate screens. Read More Plugin Authors Receive Suspicious Requests For Repository Access

A suspicious request has been circulating via email, soliciting plugin authors to give a third party write access to their repositories. The originator of these requests goes by the username bestweblayout on and operates the domain. The issue was first reported by WordPress user FractalizeR, who posted the contents of the email: Read More

Starter Guide On Header.php

Ravael Angeline has a tutorial posted on that covers the basics of a header.php file. This particular file is located in every WordPress theme and is essential to how a theme works. Also worthy of reading following the tutorial is a comment by Tom McFarlin.

WordPress News Sites And The Bermuda Triangle

A few days ago, I had the chance to participate briefly in a discussion held on Twitter around the topic of WordPress news centric sites seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth after a certain period of time. The question which started this conversation by Doug Stewart is as follows: “A question for which Read More

Up To The Community To Improve Theme Demo Data

Brian Krogsgard of has raised an issue that I never considered concerning the demo content displayed within themes on the theme repository. While commercial theme demos do a great job showing off what a theme is capable of doing, for at least some themes on the repository, the demo content ruins the look of Read More

Secrets Revealed: WLTC and WPTavern

A picture I took at WordCamp Dallas 2008. There has been a lot of speculation on the “shady mystery buyer” of Weblogs Tools Collection and WPTavern (here), which has been funny to watch. It’s me. Why on earth? Well, it’s the same and different for each one. Jeff wanted to step back from WPTavern and Read More

User Guide – How To Choose A Plugin

One of the best things about WordPress is its third-party ecosystem of themes and plugins. If WordPress doesn’t have the feature set you need out of the box, chances are very good that with just a few plugins, you can make the WordPress of your dreams. However, to new and veteran users alike, choosing which Read More

Easy Commerce With ShopLocket

E-Commerce is hard, for both developers and end users. That’s why I was happy to see something like ShopLocket come across my inbox. ShopLocket is perfect for those who have one, or just a few products to sell on their website. Instead of going through the process of installing an entire e-commerce system like WooCommerce, Read More Makes Me Hulk Smash

Every now and then I’ll have a reason to visit I don’t visit the site often so occasionally, I’ll see redesigns that have occurred that throw me for a loop. This is one of those times. 99% of the time when I visit, it’s to login to the dashboard of my .com blog. The Read More