99 Different WordPress Related Websites To Watch

Are you one of those folks who can’t get enough WordPress in your RSS FeedReader? If so, WPMU.org has published their list of 99 different WordPress related websites. The list was comprised via publicly available data and is completely objective. It was cool to see WPTavern come in at number 14 but I would have Read More

WordPress Nostalgia

As we inch closer towards the 10 year anniversary of WordPress, I’ve been browsing through a few different time capsule posts. Some of them really tap into my nostalgic center while others have me asking questions such as, what ever happened to the Flock browser that WordPress was excited about in 2005? It was described Read More

Alternatives For A Better Planet WordPress Feed

The WordPress Planet is a collection of WordPress centric websites that aggregate their content into one stream of information. In 2009, I proposed the idea of refocusing the dashboard so that it presented more WordPress Centric content. While some sites have been added and removed from the official Planet WordPress feed over the years, the Read More

WordPress News Is Free. So Who Would Pay For It?

In light of my recent appearance on DradCast, the topic of conversation recently has focused on whether WordPress news centric websites can be self-sustainable. I came to the conclusion that they can’t which was the basis behind my WordPress news sites disappearing into the bermuda triangle post. I’ve had a chance to look at all Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Gooding Moves To The WordPress Tavern

Hello WordPress Tavern readers! Some of you may know me as a word wrangling WordPress writer from WPMU.org, where I spent the last four years writing about everything from WordPress and BuddyPress news to theme and product reviews, tutorials, and everything in between. Today, however, I’m excited to announce that I have officially moved to Read More

Flexible Widgets – Only Works For Certain Widgets

Those of you who listened to episode 111 of WordPress Weekly or who have been reading this site for a long time realize that I’m on a quest to find a plugin that provides the right interface for making widgets flexible when it comes to configuring when and where they show up. To fulfill this Read More

Is Your WordPress Install Selling Handbags?

If you administer a WordPress powered website, you might want to check the directory structure, especially the WP-Content/Upgrade and WP-Content/Uploads to see if you notice a folder called Tall. According to the folks at WPMU.org, one of their co-workers websites became a victim to an attack that involved an entirely new WordPress installation being installed Read More

What To Do Or Consider After You Enable Multisite In WordPress

This is a guest blog post written by James Goodbrad, author of the blog, Zebedeeweb.com/. You can also follow him on Twitter. With the WP/WPMU merge in WordPress 3.0 it’s now wicked simple to get up and running with your own network of sites. There are many reasons you might want to do this ranging Read More