Congrats To Automattic – 100 Strong

Matt Mullenweg announced on Twitter this morning that Automattic has now reached 100 employees. By Monday, November 14th the company will reach 102. If you would like to be part o

Crummy Advertising On

It’s a well known fact that shows display advertising but until I read this article on, I’ve never looked into what kind of advertising was p

Politically Powered By WordPress

More WordPress Love via XKCD

Improving The WordPress Search Engine With Relevanssi

The default search engine in WordPress has sucked for a number of years. So much so that people end up replacing it with a custom Google search box. However, there is a plugin that

Incsub LLC Accused Of Copyright Infringement who were one of the first to create a WordPress plugin featuring video based manuals within the dashboard has published an open letter to the WordPress communi

3.3 Is Getting Closer

Looks quite possible that we’ll be using WordPress 3.3 before Christmas. 3.3 Beta 1 was released on October 11th so plugin and theme authors have had more than enough time to

bbPress 2.0.1 Released – Fixes Anonymous Security Bug

bbPress has released version 2.0.1 which is considered a maintenance release. However, if you have anonymous posting enabled, you’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible as th

VaultPress Now Supports WordPress Multisite

VaultPress has announced that the latest edition of the plugin now supports WordPress Multisite. This has been a killer feature that owners of large multisite installs have been wa

Automattic Makes Second Investment – WPEngine

The big news over the past 24 hours is that Automattic has made their second investment, this time in a WordPress hosting company called WP Engine. WP Engine is a relatively new ho

Should The Admin Bar Have A ‘More’ Menu?

WPBeginner thinks so. According to them, if the admin bar had a More menu, it would provide a consistent interface for users when looking for links added by plugins. Without it, pl

Viewing Data With The beCounted Plugin

Lorelle shared an interesting plugin that can be used to show data called beCounted. Check out their example of the 2010 Open Source CMS Market Share report which they’ve tu

Custom Meta Boxes 0.7 Released

One of the terms you’ll hear a lot within the WordPress community is Metaboxes. These boxes are what users interact with the most when using WordPress. For instance, when wri

WordPress Gameshow Now Available To Play From Home

One of the big hits from this years WordCamp Detroit event is now available to be played from home. For the first time I believe, attendees were able to play a jeopardy style WordP

Naughty Plugins Caught And Removed From Repository

Siobhan McKeown has published a disturbing yet not out of the ordinary article that explains how a couple of plugins were recently added to the plugin repository that were using a

WordPress Swag Store Open For Christmas Shopping

Just in time for the holidays, the WordPress Swag store has reopened. There are two things worth noticing. The first is that the link does not point to WP SwagStore which is where

Vote In The Widget Survey

You know that annoying problem of when you switch to a theme and then switch back to the original, you lose your widget configuration? It looks like that problem has been solved bu

WPCandy Set To Publish First WP Centric Print Magazine

Ryan Imel of has announced the launch of a quarterly magazine focused entirely on WordPress called the WordPress Quarterly. The magazine will be physical in nature mean

Things You Should Know About WordPress 3.3

Aaron Brazell of has come through once again with his traditional 10 things you should know post, this time covering WordPress 3.3. The article covers mostly the u