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Avengers 4 Endgame trailer reveals 'HOW Captain America will DIE' – Poor Peggy | Films | Entertainment |

Everyone is hoping for some happy endings, but it is much more likely Marvel will continue to break fans’ hearts. The epic conclusion to the first three phases of the Marvel

Bohemian Rhapsody: Rami Malek reveals 'HORROR' of playing Freddie Mercury in Queen film | Films | Entertainment |

It is one of the biggest roles any actor could tackle. To play a rock icon, who was utterly unique and remains indelibly carved into the hearts and minds of millions of fans would

Bird Box on Netflix: A laborious horror that doesn't quite frighten, nor enlighten | Films | Entertainment |

Sandra Bullock has had something of a renaissance in the last decade, tackling emotionally nuanced roles with aplomb and empathy. Bird Box is no exception to this, and as reluctan

Opera Reviews: Verdi's SIMON BOCCANEGRA and Britten's WAR REQUIEM | Theatre | Entertainment |

Carlos Alvarez as Simon Boccanegra and (Image: Getty Images) Verdi’s historical opera Simon Boccanegra certainly strikes an echoing note in its story of the rise of its hero

The Old Man and the Gun: When is Robert Redford's LAST movie out – watch EXCLUSIVE clip | Films | Entertainment |

The Old Man & the Gun is said to be Robert Redford’s last ever role before he retires. The acting legend has been in the business since the 1960s and has appeared in eve

Brightburn trailer: Guardian of Galaxy James Gunn's new film is a HORROR twist on Superman | Films | Entertainment |

Fans horrfied by Gunn’s abrupt exit from the Guardians franchise will be overjoyed that he has plenty of new material on the way. First up is a chilling and sharp reboot of

Avengers – AWKWARD news for Marvel's Infinity War just days after Endgame trailer | Films | Entertainment |

It seems the 2018 smash, which saw Thanos (Josh Brolin) destroying 50% of all living things in the universe, may be the biggest movie of the year – but it’s far from p

Fortnite Forbidden Locations, Crown of RV's and ALL Season 7, Week 1 challenges SOLVED

Fortnite Week 1 Dance challenges (Image: EPIC GAMES) Fortnite developer Epic Games has released the first wave of challenges for Season 7. Epic Games releases seven Battle Roy

Persona 5 and Persona 3 Dancing review: Rhythm action heaven that's simply a joy to play

Persona 5 and 3 Dancing review – Rhythm action heaven that’s simply a joy to play (Image: ATLUS) Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs of this generation while the third a

Avengers 4 trailer 'out today'? Where will it premiere? How to watch | Films | Entertainment |

Part of the journey is the end. pic.twitter.com/vejn1Bx8Nz — Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) December 7, 2018 Of course it’s worth re-iterating time and time again tha

Spider-Man 2 trailer 'coming TODAY' – Far From Home trailer release time REVEALED | Films | Entertainment |

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer release date and time (Image: MARVEL) Everybody should keep their eyes on Tom Holland over the next 24 hours. The young British star has a habit of

Avengers 4 trailer predictions: Here is what you will and won't see in the trailer | Films | Entertainment |

The Avengers 4 trailer has been on fans’ minds since the final credits of Avengers Infinity War rolled. It has been a long seven months since that fateful film, but the Aven

Bitcoin price news: Is 2019 bitcoin's year to RISE? Bitcoin price predictions

The cryptocurrency has jumped by 0.32 percent in 24 hours and reached a high of $4,091.06 on Sunday, January 6. On Tuesday, it hit $4,109.02, and the lowest it has dropped since S

India rupee WARNING: Economist warns 'NOTHING to be optimistic about' in DAMNING forecast

India rupee: INR was forecast for another bad year by economist Prakash Sakpal (Image: GETTY) Prakash Sakpal, Asia economist at ING, is predicting the rupee will weaken again despi

Bitcoin price RALLY: Expert warns of 'unfinished business' for crypto

Bitcoin price hit to $4,026.60 at 08:30 (GMT) on Friday, according to CoinDesk. The cryptocurrency saw its highest value before Christmas when it reached the monumental price of j

Germany BANKRUPTCY warning over wave of financial distress 'to hit companies NEXT YEAR'

Lucas Flöther, insolvency administrator of Air Berlin, has forecast financial downturn for automotive suppliers, the retail trade and companies in East Germany for the coming

Avengers 4 directors reveal Disney's view of Avengers Infinity War end | Films | Entertainment |

It was a devastating finish for a family film: The villain Thanos succeeded and murdered half the universe. Not exactly your standard Disney “happily ever after” endin

Captain Marvel trailer: How old is Captain Marvel in Avengers 4? Hero's ageing explained | Films | Entertainment |

Captain Marvel is heading to the cinema with a full-fledged solo movie. But the hero was teased at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and many believe her to be the saviour of the