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Bohemian Rhapsody: What Freddie Mercury's sister REALLY thought of Rami Malek – SHOCK | Films | Entertainment |

Audiences have been left stunned as the much-missed icon lives again on the big screen. Critics have attacked the alleged omittance of any harsher truths about Freddie Mercur

Holmes & Watson shocking reviews: 'Lazy, dumb DISGRACE' rates ZERO on Rotten Tomatoes | Films | Entertainment |

Will Ferrell will always have a special place in Christmas schedules thanks to the enduring appeal of the wonderful Elf. However, his latest release, out in UK cinemas, is mo

Bird Box on Netflix: 'HORRIFIC' monster revealed in THIS deleted scene says Sandra Bullock | Films | Entertainment |

First, aliens came and nobody could make a sound. Now, aliens have come and nobody can open their eyes. It is the brilliantly simple central conceit behind Bul

Us trailer: How to watch the trailer for Jordan Peele's new horror movie | Films | Entertainment |

Jordan Peele has irrevocably changed the face of not only horror but cinema in general and this is all for the better, with his particular brand of clever horror. His latest cinem

Mary Poppins Returns – Julie Andrews 'considered for THIS role'? | Films | Entertainment |

Andrews played the title role in the original 1964 classic, but she does not pop up in the new film – in which Emily Blunt takes over. Andrews has made no secret of the fact

ATLAS game release time UPDATE: Wildcard's Twitter Early Access launch news

Atlas game release time news for Steam (Image: STUDIO WILDCARD) Today might finally be the day we see the new Atlas game is released by Studio Wildcard. Having been delayed several

Christmas Number One: ‘LadBaby WON'T beat Ava Max or Ariana Grande’ | Music | Entertainment |

Later this afternoon the Christmas Number One of 2018 will be announced. Mark Hoyle’s single We Built This City On Sausage Rolls, which started as a joke, is currently the N

Christmas Number One 2018 is LADBABY: Gives bookies 'WORST' result for a decade | Music | Entertainment |

UPDATE: LADBABY CONFIRMED AS UK XMAS NUMBER ONE. Once upon a time it was a big cheesy crowd-pleaser which would dominate the Christmas charts. Then the X Factor had a long reign a

Christmas number one: Listen to LadBaby'sWe Built This City (o nsausage rolls) | Music | Entertainment |

Christmas is now just four days away, and people are prepared for the most wonderful day of the year with their decorations and food. One huge christmas tradition each year howeve

Christmas Number One 2018 LADBABY winner celebrates 'mind-blowing' result | Music | Entertainment |

Sausage rolls and the Great British Public’s love of an underdog – and a good cause – have caused a huge chart upset. After trailing behind all week and dire pre

Mary Poppins Returns: Why wasn't Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins Returns? | Films | Entertainment |

Emily Blunt has been receiving positive reviews for her version of the famous nanny, who hasn’t aged a day even though the sequel takes place more than two decades after the

Opera review: Hansel and Gretel – Humperdinck's masterpiece at the Royal Opera House | Theatre | Entertainment |

Hanna Hipp as Hansel, Jennifer Davis as Gretel, Gerhard Siegel as Witch (Image: Clive Barda/Royal Opera House) There is a choice of three ways to tell this tale: you can stick clos

Papillon star Michael Socha on acting, accents, and more: 'I'm desperate to portray truth' | Films | Entertainment |

Michael Socha speaks quickly, his sentences interspersed with expletives that betray a sincere passion beneath a devil-may-care attitude. “Originally when my agent told me t

Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen's Brian May announces NEW solo single | Music | Entertainment |

It’s been 20 years since Queen guitarist Brian May released his last official solo single Why Don’t We Try Again on his 1998 Another World album. Now the 71-year-old h

Star Wars 9 trailer and title later 'TODAY' – Watch it here first | Films | Entertainment |

Is today really the day? It is now almost a year since The Last Jedi hit cinemas and ignited a huge rift in the Star Wars fandom. Not only does Episode IX have to bring the entire

THESE are the BEST and WORST Christmas movies – you'll never guess what's number ONE | Films | Entertainment |

Christmas is a time for coming together – for joy, family, and Christmas pudding. It is also a time for magical movies, and curling up on your sofa with a cup of hot chocola

Bohemian Rhapsody: What Freddie Mercury's sister REALLY thought of Rami Malek | Films | Entertainment |

Fans love the film. Critics have been less kind but even they agree that Rami Malek’s performance is incredible. The actor is already starting to collect Best Actor nominati

Aquaman film BACKLASH against 'ABOMINATION' – Why do fans hate THIS so much? | Films | Entertainment |

Aquaman is looking set to create some impressive waves for the DCEU as it opens in UK cinemas this weekend, followed by the US next week. It has already smashed all previous Warne