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Blizzard's Overwatch Banhammer Strikes Again – Hackers Are Not Pleased

Noticing less aimbots in Overwatch lately? That’s likely due to the ceremonial swinging of the banhammer. While it would have been a nice christmas treat

Atelier Firis Will Be The Series' First Windows Title In Over 10 Ye…

While certainly a niche series to most JRPG fans, the long line of Sony exclusivity is about to end when the Atelier series finally makes its Windows debut next

Catch Funcom Stream 'Conan Exiles' For The First Time Later Today

After watching last week’s Conan Exiles announcement trailer, you’re probably wondering when you can see more of a colossus effortlessly demolish yo

Epic's 'No Questions Asked' Refunds Policy Asks a Lot of Questions

Epic Games Store hasn’t been up and running for too long now, but it seems that the lovey-dovey honeymoon phase with the new service may well be over for

Calling All Units – Expansion #2 For 'The Crew' Is Out Now

Ubisoft’s rather generous offer of giving away The Crew – one of 2014’s biggest driving games – for free seems to be making much more se

Bethesda & Arkane Studios' 'Prey' Will Premier At The Game Awards T…

Though Duke Nuken: Forever eventually crawled out of its borderline 15-year development cycle with Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian finally seeing the lig

There's Two More Beta Tests Coming For Motiga's 'Gigantic' Cross-Pl…

If you enjoyed the previous beta test for Motiga’s ‘Gigantic‘ MMO earlier this month, you’ll be glad to know it’s almost time to g

Check Out The New Mini-Bosses You'll Encounter In The Surge Next Year

If blasting up robots in Binary Domain or Hard Reset was your sort of thing, you might enjoy going the Wolverine route of slicing apart mechanical monstrosities

World of Warcraft Error Code 51900314 – What's the cause and how to…

The dreaded error code upon trying to log in is every World of Warcraft players nightmare. Just as your going into the game to quest or raid for the evening, yo

Obsidian's Next Project is The Outer Worlds: A First-Person RPG

The Outer Worlds is the upcoming FPS/RPG hybrid from the creators of Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian, and it looks like just the right combo of weird, wacky, and

Paragon's 'Monolith' Update Arrives On December 6 – Promises To Com…

Paragon might still be a niche title when it comes to naming the big MOBAs of the current age, but there’s a few major changes coming to the game Epic hop

South Africa's Enchanting Winelands

PHOTO: Vineyards and mountains in Franschhoek, as seen from La Residence, a luxury resort that is part of The Royal Portfolio brand. (Photo by Paul Heney) I’ve often t

TSA Approves Day's Pay, Holiday Bonus for Unpaid Agents

PHOTO: TSA Precheck and Global Entry line. (Photo via David Tran / iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus) The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will compensate scr

25 Cities You'll Want Your Passport For in 2019

1/26 Vacation money savings in a glass jar with compass, passport and aircraft toy on world map (Photo via surasaki / iStock / Getty Images Plus) See The World!

The Division's 1.4 Update Sees Players Flock Back To The Troubled S…

When Ubisoft’s The Division was originally showed off, it garnered worthwhile attention from both the media and potential players. Its post-apocalyptic en

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide To Get 'Karak Azgaraz' DLC In The…

Only a few short weeks ago did Fatshark Games announce VR support for their rat-skinning title Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, but apparently that wasn

Ubisoft's '30 Days Of Giveaways' Event Starts Today

December is a time for giving. The time-honored tradition of giving gifts to your loved ones over the festive period whether you have the cash for it or not. So

Ubisoft Are Doing Away With The 'Full Experience' Locking Season Pass

Downloadable content as a whole has had a fight on its hand its whole life. While the term was only really coined during the last console generation, as soon as