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America's Top Party Cities for a Spring Break Celebration

1/20 Where the Party Never Ends Spring break isn’t just for college students. You can never be too old to have a good time and for those whose idea of th

Avengers Endgame ending: PROOF Captain America and Iron Man DIE? | Films | Entertainment |

Earlier this month the Avengers 4 trailer was launched by Marvel Studios, one that revealed the title as Endgame. While this is clearly linked to a line by Doctor Strange in Aveng

The 20 Easiest Cities to Walk in America

1/21 Walk America Spring is fast approaching and for travelers that means exploring new destinations—especially cold-weather cities—is about to get a whole lot

10 of America's Most Driver-Friendly Cities

1/11 Let Enterprise Take You There While driving can be mind-numbing, frustrating and downright panic-inducing in some places—we’re looking at you New Yo

Brand USA Broadens Music Campaign to Showcase America

Brand USA is expanding its efforts to use music to promote America to international travelers. The destination marketing organization for the United States has just announ

A New Study Details How the World Visits America

In 2017, a staggering 1.3 billion tourists set foot in another country, a figure that represented a seven percent increase over the previous year. Yet, as destinations suc

America's Most Expensive Ski Resorts

How big is your travel budget this ski season? Deer Valley, Utah is the most expensive ski resort in the U.S., with guests spending an average of $543 per night for the mo

15 Of The Most Insane Pizzas In America And Beyond

1/16 When Pizzas Go Wild If you ever wanted to eat like a Ninja Turtle then it’s the perfect time to be alive. The world is festooned with pizza parlors and r

Avengers 4 Endgame trailer reveals 'HOW Captain America will DIE' – Poor Peggy | Films | Entertainment |

Everyone is hoping for some happy endings, but it is much more likely Marvel will continue to break fans’ hearts. The epic conclusion to the first three phases of the Marvel

Holland America's 2020 Europe Season in the Spotlight

Holland America Line proudly traces its origins back to Europe. It’s not surprising, then, that the line excels in its offerings in that region. Their newly-announced line

BlacKkKlansman review: The movie America needs – poignant, funny, and relevant as hell | Films | Entertainment |

As a scene from Gone with the Wind appears on the screen, you almost think you’re in the wrong cinema. But Spike Lee does nothing by accident. BlacKkKlansman lays its settin

2019 Travel Guide to South America

1/13 Vinicunca, Cusco Region, Peru. Montana de Siete Colores, or Rainbow Mountain. (Photo via sorincolac / iStock / Getty Images Plus) Why South America? There’s

Avengers 4 – Huge Captain America TWIST? Big Chris Evans surprise may be in store | Films | Entertainment |

But has even that now been thrown into question? Earlier this year Chris Evans – who plays Captain America – took to social media to lament the end of his time playing

America's 30 Most Scenic Camping Destinations

1/31 PHOTO: A campsite in Minnesota's Voyageurs National Park. (photo via StevenSchremp/iStock/Getty Images Plus) Where the Great Outdoors Are Even Greater

Holland America to Host Cruise for Alzheimer Patients and Their Caregivers

PHOTO: Holland America Line's ms Nieuw Statendam. (photo courtesy of Holland America) Taking care of loved ones with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is ver

20 Amazing Destinations for Ski Lovers in North America

1/21 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Feb 2007 (photo via Thomas Northcut / DigitalVision) Decisions, Decisions A record-breaking number of people are expecte

ASTA Releases New ‘How America Travels’ Survey

PHOTO: Travel Agent on the phone. (photo courtesy of jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images Plus) The American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) released a study Monday which tracks

Holland America Line Adds New Ship

PHOTO: Holland America Line's ms Nieuw Statendam. (photo courtesy of Holland America) Holland America Line announced the delivery of its 15th ship in the fleet, the Nie