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Bitcoin drops to lowest in a month as 2018’s agony keeps going

February deadline for public comment on cryptocurrency regulation Bitcoin is worth less than the cost to mine it – JPMorgan Hawks: Bitcoin scam probe into B

Bitcoin is worth less than the cost to mine it – JPMorgan

Hawks: Bitcoin scam probe into BTC Global still ongoing Don’t let go of bitcoin just yet How low will Bitcoin go? The history of price bubbles provides some clues

Hawks: Bitcoin scam probe into BTC Global still ongoing

South Africans who own cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin need to declare gains or losses on their annual tax returns, according to SARS. Guard your savings: Avoid scams p

Bitcoin price news: Why is BTC rising? Bitcoin hits $4k again – will BTC recover?

The flagship cryptocurrency endured a calamitous 2018, which witnessed more than £7,500 wiped from its value in just 12 months. This crypto crash, known as the bitcoin bubbl

Bitcoin price: Expert reveals why he thinks cryptocurrency will RALLY

Bitcoin expert and UK Managing Director at Etoro, Iqbal Gandham, said the cryptocurrency is likely to see a surge due to a better understanding of the underlying technology i

Bitcoin price news: Is 2019 bitcoin's year to RISE? Bitcoin price predictions

The cryptocurrency has jumped by 0.32 percent in 24 hours and reached a high of $4,091.06 on Sunday, January 6. On Tuesday, it hit $4,109.02, and the lowest it has dropped since S

Bitcoin price news: Will bitcoin CRASH below $4,000 this year?

Bitcoin (BTC) had a torrid time in 2018, which saw the flagship cryptocurrency slump to £2,889 ($3,687) by the end of the year. But the token has experienced a promising beg

Bitcoin latest: Is THIS the one thing putting investors OFF cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin: Industry leaders are calling for better access to cryptocurrency knowledge (Image: GETTY) Experts believe the one thing holding people back from embracing cryptocurrency i

Bitcoin news: Can security tokens save cryptocurrency? What are they? | Personal Finance | Finance |

Bitcoin saw almost 17 percent wiped off its value in November at the end of a year-long slump which left investors reeling. After once being worth almost $20,000, BTC had fallen t

Bitcoin WARNING: Is a New Year HEADACHE coming for BTC? – Analysis

Basically, if the engines do not have the power then ‘up’ very quickly becomes ‘down’. Right now, bitcoin is resembling a supersonic jet packing enough thr

Bitcoin price RISES: BTC breaks $4000 – Is Bitcoin rebounding?

Bitcoin soared by 26 percent to $4,057 on Friday from $3,210 last Thursday, according to CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency’s recent rally comes after a terrible November whe

Bitcoin price: Expert explain why bitcoin could soon show UPWARD spike

Bullish finance boss Brian Kelly said pricing suggests the cryptocurrency is “getting closer to the bottom” of around $2,900 – indicating there could soon be an

Bitcoin WARNING: Could Facebook and Amazon cryptocurrency plans TOPPLE bitcoin?

Bitcoin news: Could BTC be toppled from its throne? (Image: GETTY) The industry behemoths are both working behind the scenes to develop tokens that could easily overpower bitcoin.

Bitcoin price: Mark Dow just shorted Bitcoin and it’s created crypto SHOCKWAVES

Bitcoin is enjoying its longest positive run since September. BTC has added 20 percent to its price since Friday, dragging much of the crypto market with it. The flagship crypto i

Bitcoin analysis: BTC remains on very thin ice despite SOARING to almost $3,500

Bitcoin news: BTC saw an out-of-the-blue spike yesterday (Image: GETTY) Just days ago, the original crypto was looking decidedly fragile going into the weekend with plenty of naysa

Bitcoin ROCKETS: Crypto price boost just one year after Bitcoin peaked

Bitcoin slumped to a yearly low of £2,556 ($3,218) on December 14 but showed signs of a huge recovery on Monday. The cryptocurrency rose to a high of $3,410 on Monday at 1.0

Bitcoin price HIGH: How much is bitcoin worth after $20,000 peak one year ago?

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise through the second half of December 2017 saw prices peak at £14,982.49 ($18,877) on some crypto exchanges. The sudden rush to buy bitcoin was o

Bitcoin price news: Why is bitcoin rising today? BTC price SOARS

Bitcoin has jumped 8.54 percent and is currently trading at $3,486.28, according to CoinMarketCap. Traders have ascribed the move to heavy buying on Japan and Hong Kong-based exch