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Date set for May’s Brexit showdown with hostile Parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May departs after speaking at a press conference after attending a special session of the European Council over Brexit on November 25, 2018 in B

Creed 2 release date, cast and DVD release: When is Creed 2 out in cinema in the UK? | Films | Entertainment |

Creed, 2015, brought new life to the Rocky franchise with Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan). Creed is still battling with his father’s death, defeated in the boxing ring by a k

Fortnite Season 7 release date: When does season 7 of Fortnite start?

Fortnite Season 7 release date news (Image: EPIC GAMES) The Fortnite Season 7 release date may seem a long way off, but fans don’t have that long left to comp

Reconquest Gets December 16th Release Date

Command and Conquer inspired RTS Reconquest has received a final release date and will launch on Steam on December 16th. the RTS here’s everything we know

Star Wars 9 trailer release date: HUGE news | Films | Entertainment |

So much attention has been focussed on the imminent Avengers 4 trailer but there is another 2019 movie that is also geting closer to showing its first teaser. While Marvel movies o

Avengers 4 TRAILER release date reveal ‘should be SOON – stand by’ | Films | Entertainment |

Thanksgiving came and went with no sign of the Avengers 4 trailer yet. Instead, Disney decided to unveil the first look at their live-action remake of The Lion King. There’s

Lion King 2019 release date – When is ‘live action’ remake out in UK? | Films | Entertainment |

After the teaser trailer’s release last night, anticipation is sky high for the new film – which comes courtesy of director Jon Favreau, who had previously overseen the

Avengers 4 trailer release date: Huge news – Major screening this WEDNESDAY revealed | Films | Entertainment |

There have been numerous release date false alarms over Thanksgiving football and Black Friday but you don’t need Doctor Strange or the Time Stone to see that fans just need