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Airlines Need More Information About Flying Over Conflict Zones

Airlines need more and better information to make risk assessments about flying over warzones, according to a new report from the Dutch Safety Board. A follow-up to its 20

Receiving genetic information can change risk

Millions of people in the United States alone have submitted their DNA for analysis and received information that not only predicts their risk for disease but, i

You make decisions quicker and based on less information than you think

We live in an age of information. In theory, we can learn everything about anyone or anything at the touch of a button. All this information should allow us to m

Making salary information public helps close the gender pay gap

(iStock) ‘Collapse’ in real take-home pay – salary index CEOs of SA’s biggest firms earn 64 times the salary of average workers Think your

Wanting information on unit trusts

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Neurons process information differently depending on their location

Researchers at the University of Queensland have discovered that the thickness of the brain’s outer layer influences how individual neurons process informa