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Avengers Endgame ending: PROOF Captain America and Iron Man DIE? | Films | Entertainment |

Earlier this month the Avengers 4 trailer was launched by Marvel Studios, one that revealed the title as Endgame. While this is clearly linked to a line by Doctor Strange in Aveng

Rand shows its mettle as iron ore prices surge

Transnet re-opens Saldanha iron ore line early after truck crash China’s at ‘peak steel’ right now, top iron ore shipper says Kumba Iron Ore: We

Hearts of Iron IV Together for Victory Lands on 15th December

The first expansion to Hearts of Iron IV, the World War II grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studios, has finally received a release date. The Togeth

Avengers Infinity War directors on Iron Man's thinking in THAT scene | Films | Entertainment |

It was one of the most heart-breaking moments in Avengers Infinity War. After Thanos successfully collected all six Infinity Stones he snapped his fingers and half the universe be

Avengers 4 trailer ‘is SPECTACULAR’ says Turkish Iron Man voice actor | Films | Entertainment |

Today marks one year to the day that the first Avengers Infinity War trailer was released – and yet there still isn’t one for Marvel’s Avengers 4. Nevertheless, I

Transnet re-opens Saldanha iron ore line early after truck crash

One of Transnet’s new cranes. (Picture: James-Brent Styan, Twitter) Related Articles Molefe on Transnet: It’s worse than you think, but we’re ready to fi

The best iron-rich vegetarian foods

Iron is an essential mineral for health. Although red meat and seafood are good sources of iron, many plant-based foods also contain plenty of this mineral. Numerous vegetables, le

Iron Harvest 1920+ – Everything We Know

King Art Games and Polish artist Jakub Różalski have announced that a new alternative history world war 1 real time strategy game is in the works. Iron Harvest

10 iron-rich foods to add to your diet – watch at Brighteon.com

Iron is a mineral found in almost every part of the body, especially in the blood. In particular, iron is needed to make hemoglobin in red blood cells, the protein that carries