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Germany news: German economy SHRINKS for first time since 2015

Europe’s biggest economy was dented by lower consumer spending and disruption to levels of car production, caused by new pollution tests that were introduced back in Septembe

Pension news: How much should you REALLY be saving for your retirement? | Personal Finance | Finance |

Many hard-working Britons – both young and old – are clueless as to how much they should be stashing away in their pension pot for their golden years. In fact, research

Pokemon Go Cresselia counters and raid news before December Community day update

Pokemon Go Cresselia counters revealed (Image: NIANTIC) New Legendary Cresselia Raids have been announced by Niantic for this week, with the Pokemon Company also sh

Avengers 4 trailer rumour: ‘Really BAD news, will ANGER so many’ | Films | Entertainment |

Marvel fans are still waiting for the Avengers 4 trailer to arrive, with next week appearing more likely than this. However, MCU Cosmic editor Jeremy Conrad, who leaked the alleged

PS5 release UPDATE: Good news and bad for PS4 and Xbox One gamers

The latest PS5 release date news for PS4 gamers (Image: SONY) There is much speculation over what is coming to replace Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox O

The Hottest News from Travel Impressions’ Biggest Event of the Year

At its annual "Best of the Best" event, Travel Impressions recently announced it will soon be selling Havana, Cuba. (Photo via diegograndi / iStock / Getty Images

Star Wars: TERRIBLE news for Darth Vader fans – THIS storyline has been DROPPED | Films | Entertainment |

It’s fair to say that many people have been sensing more than one disturbance in the Force recently. But whatever the fan backlashes and divisions, everyone is always in agre

Legend of Zelda news coming soon for Nintendo Switch fans?

Legend of Zelda fans may learn about the next Nintendo Switch game very soon (Image: NINTENDO) According to the latest news on the subject, the next game to follow

Avengers 4 trailer release date: Huge news – Major screening this WEDNESDAY revealed | Films | Entertainment |

There have been numerous release date false alarms over Thanksgiving football and Black Friday but you don’t need Doctor Strange or the Time Stone to see that fans just need

Star Wars 9 and Last Jedi shock: Will THIS huge Luke news make fan backlash WORSE? | Films | Entertainment |

Hamill is seen as the keeper of the Star Wars flame by many fans. His open and sometimes coded disapproval of The Last Jedi reinforced the popular backlash view that Luke’s b