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New research suggests how parents protect children from the long-term effects of stress

When young children experience violence or poverty, the effect can last well into adulthood. But new research from the Emory School of Medicine suggests that a s

Who will protect housing consumers now?

Small and affordable a key driver of the housing market Fresh drivers for SA housing market as it adjusts to new ‘economic realities’ A solution to S

Serious FaceTime Bug Allows Eavesdropping of Microphone on iPhone & Mac, Here’s How to Protect Yourself

A serious privacy bug has been discovered in FaceTime for iOS and MacOS that allows remote eavesdropping on another persons iPhone or Mac, even if they don’t pick up and ans

Here’s how you can protect yourself against possible lead contamination

Lead is a serious health risk. It’s a silent killer that gradually seeps into your system and threatens your health, survival, and safety from the inside. Considering how

What could possibly go wrong? Pentagon wants to create an army of virus-spreading insects to “protect crops”

The federal government is determined to bio-engineer artificial insects, having demonstrated a willingness to say just about anything in order to justify it – including by claim

Protect yourself against insurance fraud

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Copy Right Bill to protect musicians’ royalties – DTI

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Whole foods can protect the brain from mood disorders

Whole foods are a those that have undergone as little processing or refinement as possible. Unlike processed foods, whole foods exist in their purest, most natural form – free f

Chicory found to protect your liver

Researchers in Egypt suggested that chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) can be used to protect the liver and treat liver damage. They examined the phytochemical and hepatoprotective

Osteoporosis: Could probiotics protect bone health?

Osteoporosis predominantly affects older adults, but bone loss can start at as early as age 40. Recently, scientists have found that probiotics might be a safe and effective tool t

7 ways to protect your mental well-being over the holidays

A perfect world sees the holiday season filled with love, warmth, and happiness. However, more often, it is crammed with stress, exhaustion, and panic. Here, we offer some advice o