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For Honor Will Need A Persistant Online Connection For Its Single-P…

Just as Michael Jackson once said – You are not alone. And when it comes to playing For Honor, it’s as true as it gets. You can’t be offline.

MarBella Corfu Offers Single Parents a Complimentary Kids' Deal

WHY IT RATES: Single parents often face obstacles that would prevent them from taking a family vacation, but with MarBella Corfu’s Single Parent Offer, children can

Naspers sees single global classifieds focus amid Avito deal

MultiChoice expected to start trading on JSE in February Naspers shares begin trading on A2X Naspers to invest R9.4bn in Indian food delivery group Naspers le

How to Boot in Single User Mode on a Mac

Advanced Mac users can boot into Single User Mode, which loads directly into the command line of Mac OS and skips the familiar friendly user interface. Booting into Single User M

Assessing India’s health with a single question

A country can estimate its population’s health status by using national survey questionnaires. A country like India, however, requires substantial, costly resources to monito

Single workout can boost metabolism for days

Lounging around all weekend may weigh heavy on the minds of the health conscious. But these sedentary stretches may not affect the waistline, provided they’

India rupee latest: INR falls against US dollar in BIGGEST single-day loss since August

India rupee: INR has fallen against the US dollar (Image: GETTY) The Indian rupee has broke through the 70-barrier once again after dipping to below 69 versus the American greenbac

Single-tablet regimen for HIV: Benefits and drug chart

Healthcare providers can treat HIV using antiretroviral therapy. A person may need to take several tablets a day or a single pill that contains multiple drugs. In this article, we

Cheryl comeback single: How many copies has Cheryl sold in BIGGEST FLOP ever? | Music | Entertainment |

A vigorous campaign was launched ahead of the release of Cheryl’s new single Love Made Me Do It. But the track, which entered the charts at number 19, has already fallen dism

A single dose of cannabis extract can alleviate brain abnormalities in people suffering from psychosis

A purified form of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, shows potential for reducing psychosis in patients displaying schizophrenia-like mental illnesse