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Blood test could lead to cystic fibrosis treatment tailored to each patient

Researchers at Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and colleagues, used a blood test and microarray

Faster, cheaper test can help predict risk of metastasis in prostate cancer patients

For men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer or patients previously treated, the risk of metastasis is a crucial determinant of whether to choose conservative ma

Die Hard: How does the action thriller stand up to test of time – is it a Christmas movie? | Films | Entertainment |

The seminal action movie starring Bruce Willis celebrated its 30th anniversary with a brand new 4K Ultra HD™ re-master and Blu-ray. 20th Century Fox also hosted a special sc

Watch_Dogs 2 PC Performance Test

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve never owned a PC that could run the original _Watch Dogs_ in anything above Low settings. Well, I probably

Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test: Uses and results

The liver makes several enzymes, including alanine aminotransferase, or ALT. These enzymes help break down proteins so that the body can digest them. Besides helping the liver brea

New breath test for cancer currently under trial

A clinical trial has just launched to assess the effectiveness of a newly developed breath test that could help diagnose multiple forms of cancer. A new breath test currently under

Want to rent a vintage Jaguar? Test-driving two Airbnb-like apps

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Simply receiving DNA test results can alter your physiology

Knowledge is power but, when it comes to knowing our genetic risks, could too much information be a bad thing? A recent study suggests that merely knowing our genetic risks can imp

Ministers push May to test different Brexits before Christmas

British Prime Minister Theresa May (Photographer: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg) Related Articles Pound solidifies gains after May wins confidence vote Pound rallies d

What to do after a false-positive HIV test

A false-positive HIV test occurs when a test incorrectly indicates that a person has contracted the virus. Receiving a false positive can inspire conflicting feelings. People may w

A new blood test could help diagnose Alzheimer’s

Doctors may find it hard to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease before the obvious symptoms set in, and many of the current tests for it are expensive and complicated. However, rese

Diabetes: Fasting before a blood test might actually be harmful

Before a blood cholesterol test, doctors typically advise that a person fast for several hours to get the most accurate results. However, a new study shows that in the case of peop

What is a 4th generation HIV test and how does it work?

Fourth-generation HIV tests can detect both HIV antibodies and p24 antigens, whereas older versions only check for antibodies. This means the newer tests can provide a quicker diag

Eosinophil count: Test and results

An eosinophil count is the number of eosinophils in the body. Eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, help fight off bacterial and viral infections. A person may require an eosino

Apple Watch Series 4 battery test: Did it survive a 6 hour hike?

Sarah Tew/CNET If you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch Series 4, the big

Secret Service to test facial recognition tech around White House

A crowd gathers in front of the White House this past June. Getty Images It lo

New blood test can detect ovarian cancer in its early stages

Relatively few cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed in their early stages, so many people lose the opportunity for effective treatment. A newly developed blood test, however, coul

3 tricks that put your brain to the test

If you want some thrills this Halloween, you should try tricking yourself for a change. In this Spotlight, we look at some spooky experiments that’ll trick the brain and ask