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Avengers Endgame Trailer How It Should Have Ended video – WATCH | Films | Entertainment |

Earlier this month the first Avengers Endgame trailer became the most watched trailer online in its first 24 hours ever, with over 289 million views. And now How It Should Have En

Worlds Adrift Wants To Show Us Its Remnants In This New Trailer

It might be 9am on a Thursday morning, but when isn’t a good time for a relaxing base jump into a colourful meadow? 2 minutes of this Worlds Adrift traile

Star Wars 9 trailer – Why a teaser may NOT arrive before Christmas | Films | Entertainment |

Whispers began whirring on social media that LucasFilm would reveal some kind of footage before the end of the year – whether a trailer, a brief teaser or a behind-the-scene

Hellboy official trailer RELEASED one day early: WATCH it here | Films | Entertainment |

There was a little confusion as a naughty hacker leaked the trailer online 24 hours ahead of its official release. Lionsgate moved impressively quickly and has just released the g

Star Wars 9 title and trailer release date 'DELAYED' and fans WON'T like why | Films | Entertainment |

Disney enjoy making their fans wait. And wait. And wait. The build-up for the Avengers Endgame trailer dragged through most of the year and arrived at the last possible moment. Th

It's Close – Space Hulk: Deathwing Gets A Launch Trailer Before Its…

We’ve been led to believe the Genestealers would steal the show of Space Hulk: Deathwing. But with the Emperor sensing a darker force at work, we might be

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer release date: BAD news for fans | Films | Entertainment |

There has been huge anticipation that two massive trailers could be arriving this week. Ever since Colider confidently announced that fans woudl see the first Star Wars 9 material

Star Wars 9 trailer and title later 'TODAY' – Watch it here first | Films | Entertainment |

Is today really the day? It is now almost a year since The Last Jedi hit cinemas and ignited a huge rift in the Star Wars fandom. Not only does Episode IX have to bring the entire

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer DELAYED again: Next week? | Films | Entertainment |

Having debuted at Brazil Comic Con to a few lucky fans earlier this month, Sony Pictures are still yet to release the first trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home. Hollywood insider

New Sudden Strike 4 Trailer Showcases Gameplay

Kalypso Media has released a new gameplay trailer for Sudden Strike 4, showing off gameplay from the fourth game in the long-running RTS franchise. As well as n

Bumblebee release date, cast, trailer, plot: All you need to know about the prequel | Films | Entertainment |

Bumblebee is ushering in a new era of Transformers movies and fans are here for it. The film currently holds a 98 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating wholly posit

Star Wars 9 teaser trailer release date next WEDNESDAY and THIS is why | Films | Entertainment |

It looks like the countdown is finally about to start to the final conclusion of the entire Skywalker saga. After twelve months of reactions, reports, rumours and leaks, not to me

Star Wars 9 teaser trailer release date: Next WEDNESDAY? | Films | Entertainment |

There was already considerable excitement at a report an advert being filmed at Disney World for airing on Christmas Day had included a hint about the Episode IX trailer. Much as

Downton Abbey movie trailer: How to watch the BRAND NEW trailer online | Films | Entertainment |

After what seems like a century of waiting, Downton Abbey is coming back to screens near you. The new film coming next year is scheduled to drop on September 20, 2019. And though

Avengers Endgame trailer 2 ‘might be released in March, makes sense’ | Films | Entertainment |

Last week the Avengers 4 trailer finally arrived, smashing viewing records with an incredible 289 million hits in its first day. The sombre footage showed the surviving Avengers i

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer ‘will drop NEXT WEEK’ on THIS day? | Films | Entertainment |

Last week Marvel fans were treated to the second Captain Marvel trailer and the record-breaking Avengers Endgame teaser. As for the only other 2019 MCU release, Spider-Man Far Fro

Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon trailer, release date, cast, plot: All you need to know | Films | Entertainment |

Shaun the Sheep may as well be a national treasure for his ubiquity and popularity. The inimitable style and charm of Aardman, the studio co-founded in 1976 by Peter Lord and Davi

Spider-Man Far From Home TRAILER: Will the teaser arrive TODAY? | Films | Entertainment |

The first teaser for next summer’s blockbuster screened to a few lucky fans at Brazil Comic Con over the weekend. The Spider-Man Far From Home trailer has long been rumoured