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Ninja Race: Ninja Break Stakes Games

FrameWiz – All Photo Frames

Voice Call Dialer

Download Everything From Facebook

Discord-esque chat client coming to Steam as part of reported UI overhaul

Discord-esque chat client coming to Steam as part of reported UI overhaul View more News Company Valv

Cross Stitch King

One Line Puzzle – Connecting Dots

Chrono Trigger’s PC port is being patched up

Chrono Trigger’s PC port is being patched up View more News Company Square Enix April 4th, 2018 R

WP Updates Settings: An Admin UI For Configuring WordPress Updates

One of the most exciting features in WordPress 3.7 was the ability for WordPress to stay up to date through automatic background updates. However, WordPress provides no easy way t

CodePen Releases Official WordPress Plugin

CodePen has released an official plugin for embedding pens in WordPress. If you haven’t yet discovered CodePen, it’s basically a virtual playground for frontend develop

How to Show Full URL & Subdomains in Google Chrome 69

The latest versions of Google Chrome web browser default to not showing the full URL of a website, stripping away any subdomains, including the “www” subdomain prefix,

Free Music Plus – Online & Offline Music Player

Why Aren’t Post Formats In WordPress More Popular?

No, Post Formats haven’t gone anywhere but theme support and their use appear to be waning. Joyce Grace over at ManageWP.com has published a great article that explores some

Top 10 Free WordPress Blogging Themes From January 2014

January has been a rocking month in the world of WordPress themes. With everyone kicking off their blogs for 2014, we’ve seen a gaggle of pure blogging themes released this m

Piklist WordPress Development Framework Rebrands, Plans to Launch Commercial Products

The Piklist rapid development framework for WordPress has rebranded and relaunched its website with the 0.9.0 release. The framework helps developers to quickly build things like f

Trend: More People Getting Commit Access To The Core of WordPress

It wasn’t long ago when I could count the number of core WordPress committers on one hand. These days, it’s hard to keep track of who does and doesn’t have access

Basic Guide On Creating Plugin UI

Daniel Immke has published his own primer on using native user interface elements for the administration of plugins. By following his basic primer, you’ll be on your way to c

Interesting Take From A Female Developer

This past weekend, I gave my first ever solo talk on WordPress development, with just a hint of UI love. I’ve taught classes on web/digital media and talk to/perform in front of l