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How to Check For Broken Links On Your Site Using Xenu Link Sleuth

Checking for broken links using WordPress plugins can lead to intensive use of server resources and impact site performance. Plugins like Broken Link Checker are restricted on cert

Status App: A WordPress-Powered Mobile Micro Messaging Service

As Matt Mullenweg predicted in the State of the Word address in 2013, this new year brings with it a growing excitement around building applications based on WordPress. The launch

How to Set an Automatic Vacation Responder in Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user and you’re going to be away from email, on vacation, or out of the office for a while, you may want to set an automatic email responder message

How to Show Full URL & Subdomains in Google Chrome 69

The latest versions of Google Chrome web browser default to not showing the full URL of a website, stripping away any subdomains, including the “www” subdomain prefix,

How to Disable Google Chrome UI Theme Redesign and Return to Classic UI

If you have updated Google Chrome web browser recently you likely noticed there is a new themed visual overhaul called Material Design that comes along for the ride. The new theme

How to Disable URL Link Previews in Messages for iOS & MacOS

The Messages app in newer releases of iOS and MacOS will attempt to render a small preview of any webpage URL or link that is shared within the Messages app. Usually the link prev

How to Turn Off Split Screen in Safari for iPad? Exiting Safari Split Screen in iOS

Safari for iPad offers a nice Split Screen View feature that allows you to view and read two websites side-by-side in the Safari browser, visible when the iPad is oriented in hori

How To Create A Dropdown Menu Of WordPress Categories Without Using Code

A long standing pain point I’ve had with WordPress is the inability to use the menu administration area to easily add a dropdown list of categories to my theme’s main m

Akismet 2.5.4 Adds Easy Link Removal Button

Earlier this morning, I discovered that while moderating comments, a small little X icon appeared that I’ve never seen before. After inquiring on Twitter why WordPress never

Uncensoring The Web With RePress

A brand new plugin released by GreenHost aims to make censoring the web next to impossible. It’s called RePress and turns any WordPress powered website it’s installed o

Creating A Simpler Login URL

While most users of WordPress will know that to login to the back-end, you’ll need to visit /WP-Admin/ or wp-login.php, but what if you could change that to make it simpler t

Easy Commerce With ShopLocket

E-Commerce is hard, for both developers and end users. That’s why I was happy to see something like ShopLocket come across my inbox. ShopLocket is perfect for those who have

Theme Review – Americanaura

Custom post types are one of those things in WordPress that’s been difficult for me to figure out. However, after reviewing the Americanaura theme combined with the AudioThem

PressForward – RSS Reader Inside Of WordPress

    With the impending shutdown of Google Reader on July 1st, I’ve been looking for Feedreader alternatives. I happened to stumble across a recently developed plug

The Daily Plugin for 6-24-2013

Here is a brief sampling of a few of the newest plugins released in the WordPress Plugin Repository. This is a daily plugin briefing only and does not reflect my endorsement or rat

The Daily Plugin for 07-23-2013

Welcome once again to another installment of The Daily Plugin. Today we’re pleased to see that the WordPress Plugin Repository has just hit 26,000 plugins in the index. This

Mollom Security Breach

Over the week-end, I received an email from Mollom notifying me that they had discovered a security breach. According to their official blog post on the matter, the breach was disc