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Do You Want To See Plugin Specific Dashboard Widgets Disappear?

Joost de Valk was one of the first to start the trend and now, he’s on pace to reverse it. Joost announced that he has decided to remove the dashboard widget which shows the

Good Or Bad? Infinite Scrolling

Thanks to Pinterest, many websites think it’s cool to provide the ability to infinitely scroll down a page. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a variety of tutorials

Do You Mistrust A Company That Misspells WordPress?

As long as I’ve been involved, I’ve seen countless numbers of companies misspelling WordPress. Despite the fact that WordPress added a filter to automatically correct t

Have You Removed Or Disabled The Admin Bar?

After all the hoopla surrounding the addition of the admin bar which is enabled by default within WordPress 3.1, I’m wondering how many of you have actually gone through and

Pet Peeve – Akismet Configuration Link Location

Something that has frustrated me for a long time is trying to figure out where the Akismet Configuration link is. My brain and logical way of thinking always points me to the Setti

What’s The Quickest Way To End A Conversation About WordPress?

One thing that can be frustrating at times to talk about regarding WordPress, is what should be added to the core. I equate it to kids fighting with their parents. They want someth

Should Automatic Upgrades Be Opt-In?

The writing is on the wall. It’s only a matter of time before automatic upgrades for WordPress core, plugins, and themes make it into WordPress. This is a step beyond the one

WordUp – A Fork Of WordCamp

If you’re anywhere near the Edinburgh area around October 22nd, make a pit stop to an event they are calling WordUp Edinburgh. According to the event website, this un-confere

Should Themes Have Plugin Functionality Built-In?

While monitoring twitter today, I noticed a few prolific theme designers agree with a point that Chris Pearson made today. Now that I’ve built the platform, I see why Thesi

Would You Take WordPress Advice From A Non WordPress Using Site?

Cruising through the feedreader today, I came across an article that explained how to customize the feed length as well as the HTML tags used. However, the site providing this advi

Did WPTavern Load Any Faster For You?

I’m nearing the end of my one month trial period of using WP CDN and before I make the decision to purchase a CDN account, I wanted to hear from all of you, especially from t

Should The WordPress Support Forum Only Support Themes From The Theme Repository?

While in a session at WPChat.com last night, I talked with a few members of the WordPress community regarding what constitutes theme piracy as well as the role the WordPress.org su