Rockstar North tears down Red Dead Redemption 2 marketing, new game coming?

Rockstar North tears down Red Dead Redemption 2 marketing, new game coming?

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We’re not ones for conspiracy theories but Rockstar North has just made a pretty sizeable change to its Edinburgh-based HQ. Rockstar North is the main global office for Rockstar and they’re typically very proud of the games they put out. For the last two or three years, they’ve had Red Dead Redemption 2 proudly emblazoned across the front of its HQ. But, and here’s where it gets interesting, this weekend it was all ripped down.

‘So what?’ you’re probably asking. Well, Rockstar Games is a studio with a hell of an ego. When it makes something, they want to make damn sure everyone knows about it. If they’re removing all that branding for Red Dead 2, a game which isn’t even a year old yet, it stands to reason they’re clearing the decks for some fresh marketing.

Rockstar North HQ This Weekend

Rockstar North HQ when Felix made the pilgrimage 

If we were really getting ahead of ourselves, we could even raise the possibility that Rockstar is prepping for a new game announcement. It still feels a little too soon for the whopping elephant in the room that is Grand Theft Auto 6. Or is it? We don’t know to be honest, and there are also the persistent Bully 2 rumours to consider.

You’ll have to excuse us if we’re connecting the dots which just aren’t there at the moment but it’s certainly a curious change. We could be totally wrong of course. The Red Dead Redemption 2 branding could’ve just been getting a little tatty and they’re putting a fresh print up. They could even want some more natural light flowing into their sweatshop office. 

Whatever the case, we’re expecting something to go up and replace the RDR2 branding which has been taken down. It could be something as simple as Red Dead Redemption 2 enhanced for PC, or perhaps the oft-rumoured single-player expansion. Or, just maybe, a new game entirely.

What do you reckon then, could Rockstar be gearing up for a major game announcement? Or is this one conspiracy theory too far? Let us know your thoughts below!


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