Game of the Year winner Tetris Effect is coming to PC next week through Epic Game Store

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Tetris Effect
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The sublime, pulsating Tetris Effect is a PlayStation 4 exclusive no more. Tetris Effect will be coming to PC next week through, you guessed it, the Epic Games Store. On the plus side, Tetris Effect on PC will be packing VR support for both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Dubbed the ‘ultimate version of Tetris Effect’, the PC edition comes packing high-resolution support in excess of 4K, an uncapped frame rate, ultra-wide monitor support, adjustable graphical options, and enhanced effects.

While Tetris is largely, well, Tetris, Tetris Effect ups the ante with shimming special effects, some fairly thumping music, shifting designs and art styles, culminating in a 30+ stage campaign alongside around 10 other game modes.

If you don’t like Tetris then Tetris Effect is hardly going to change this, but it’s a damned good version of one of the finest game formulas ever devised. It scooped up quite a number of Game of the Year awards with its original release last year, so it’s safe to say Tetris Effect is a heck of a game for those who can’t get enough of block dropping.

Tetris Effect comes to PC through the Epic Games Store on July 23rd.

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