What Are You Playing This Weekend – July 2019 Edition

What Are You Playing This Weekend – July 2019 Edition


I don’t know if you saw our feature on the Biggest Games of July but this month is looking drier than my bank account when it comes to new releases. It’s probably for the best. Still, we’ve had the Steam sale to take into for the frugally inclined, while there’s a been a smattering of new game releases such as F1 2019, The Sinking City, and Super Mario Maker 2. 

Most importantly though, it’s the weekend, and that means one thing – game time. Without further ado then, here’s what we’re busy playing this weekend, and we’re keen to see what your plans are, gaming or otherwise, this weekend!

Jon – I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m sunbathing on a beach right now. But, my trust Nintendo Switch has come along for the ride. Not for the beach of course. That would be weird, and there’s no way I can see that crappy screen in the sunshine. But, on the flight over and during my travels, I’ve been busy tucking into more Super Mario Maker 2. And what a game that is. The single-player campaign has somehow ended up being fantastic, but I also downloaded dozens and dozens of the best community-made levels to while away the time. On top of that, I’ve finally begun to get stuck into the level creation tools myself. There’s some surprising depth tucked away here, and seeing the unusual spins on the entire platformer genre found in the user-made levels, I’m keen to say if I can cook up something special myself.

Felix – My open secret is that I wish I was where Jon is and he was here in the GD Towers Dungeons, instead of me. But hey ho at least I get to hang out with you lovely lot, right? Guys? Hey, come back!

What am I playing at the moment? Well like Jon I wanted something I could easily pick up and put down whenever I snatched a few gaming minutes, especially if I get to go on holiday at some point. So I put Sorcery! on my phone. It’s ace fun, running around gathering spell components and finding better equipment; meeting weird and interesting creatures that have well-rounded personalities. They do a good job of maintaining continuity, based on your choices in earlier parts of your adventure.
Sorcery! is the digital adaptation of the classic turn-to-this-page adventure book series of the same name. Similar to turn-to Fighting Fantasy adventure books that are also now available on PC. I am currently on Sorcery! 2 where I carried over my progress from the first book. There are 4 books in the series and each book can give you between 4-8 hours of play through I reckon.

So that’s us, it’s over to you now, what are your gaming plans for the weekend? Let us know below!


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