‘Project REsistance’ leaks, 4-player co-op Resident Evil title to be revealed next week

‘Project REsistance’ leaks, 4-player co-op Resident Evil title to be revealed next week

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Project Resistance

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UPDATE: The countdown is up and Capcom has dropped the first trailer for Project Resistance, an all-new team-based survival horror experience drawn from the Resident Evil franchise.

Capcom’s still going with the name Project Resistance for the new game, although we think there’s still every chance the name of the game  could be set to change between now and a full unveiling. Not putting the name Resident Evil in the name seems like ludicrous marketing, to be honest.

Anyway, what we’ve got on our hands is, potentially, a 4 v 1 asymmetric multiplayer action game of sorts. Four players are teamed up deep in some facility, grabbing any weapon they can lay their hands in an effort to fight off the zombie hordes and a hungry licker. The twist is that it looks as if one player will be in a control room, overseeing whatever crazy mayhem they want to throw the group’s way like some sort of psychotic dungeon master.

The whole thing is capped off by the emergence of the iconic Tyrant ‘Mr. X’, fresh from his little jaunt into Raccoon City Police Department.

To be honest we’ve still got more questions than answers from this latest trailer but we’re starting to build up a picture of the flavour Capcom is going for.

Project Resistance is set to come to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We’re expecting plenty more details soon enough.

Original Story: 01-Sep-2019 – ‘Project REsistance’ leaks, 4-player co-op Resident Evil title to be revealed next week

Having enjoyed considerable success going back to Resident Evil’s routes yet moderning the experience with both Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7, Capcom has somewhat thrown all that out the window with ‘Project Resistance’, the codename for what appears to be a new four-player co-op focused Resident Evil project.

Four images have already ‘leaked’ from the unannounced project, teasing what appears to be the four playable characters found in Project Resistance. We’ll be assuming that’s a working title. Anyway, the four characters all look pretty straightforward. There are no familiar faces to be found here, potentially raising the idea of character creation and/or customisation.

At its heart though, Project Resistance sounds a whole lot like Capcom chasing after that Left 4 Dead audience. Co-op obviously played a big part in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 (arguably the low points of the mainline series) and four-player would significantly up the ante.

We won’t have too much time to sit around wondering what the heck Project Resistance is all about though. Capcom is hosting a live stream event to coincide with Tokyo Game Show, at which a playable Project Resistance demo will appear. The Project Resistance live stream countdown is ticking down to Monday, September 9th, at 8am PT/ 11am ET 4pm BST / 5pm CEST.

Those of you holding out hope for Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 3 Remake are going to have to be patient then as it appears Capcom is intent on taking the Resident Evil franchise off in a very different direction before then.

We’ll bring you more on Project REsistance just as soon as we hear it.

What are your thoughts on this new direction for the Resident Evil franchise? Are co-op shenanigans what you’ve been hoping for, or quite the opposite? Let us know below!

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