Valve discontinues Steam Controller, stocks have now run dry

Valve discontinues Steam Controller, stocks have now run dry

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Valve has announced its divisive Steam Controller has been discontinued. There will be no more production of Steam Controllers and the existing stock is all that will ever be available.

I say existing stock but good luck on that front. Valve was briefly selling its remaining stock of Steam Controllers at a hefty 90% discount on Steam, bringing it down to £4 here in the UK. Sadly, the supplies dwindled fast and the Steam Controller is now out of stock for good.

If you didn’t manage to pick one up in time, I wouldn’t feel too disheartened. It was always a neat little thing but sadly not particularly good. Ergonomically, it wasn’t a match for the console controllers. It’s also loud and clicky, and generally not a piece of hardware which feels especially premium despite the exceptionally forward-thinking technology crammed in there. The Steam Controller wasn’t short on neat ideas and versatility. The haptic trackpads and gyro aiming could prove really helpful with some of the more fiddly control schemes, and the ability to share per-game controller profiles was often a godsend. 

Sadly, the end product ultimately lacked the pick up and play simplicity of a console gamepad and the accuracy and quality of a mouse and keyboard setup. The Steam Controller sat awkwardly in the middle, a jack of all trades, master of none.

The one thing that is worth considering is Valve could even be putting together a new version of the Steam Controller. A Steam Controller 2, if you like. It would be prudent to exhaust all of the old stock before putting out a new version and the Steam Controller isn’t exactly short of improvements which could be made. Who knows though, Valve is an oftentimes secret and mysterious company who truly could be up to anything.


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