Microsoft reveals first Age of Empires 4 PC gameplay, features English vs Mongols

Microsoft reveals first Age of Empires 4 PC gameplay, features English vs Mongols

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They’ve taken their sweet time with but at long last, Microsoft and Relic have revealed the first ever gameplay from Age of Empires IV. The eagerly anticipated historical real-time strategy game was first unveiled back in 2017 and since then, nothing.

Courtesy of the eye-catching gameplay reveal, we now know Age of Empires 4 will be focused on the Medieval period of history, portray historical battles which helped shape the world we know today.

In the gameplay footage we see the first two confirmed factions – the Mongols and the English. Visually, it’s looking a bit Settlers reboot, seemingly with a bigger emphasis on town and fortification building, as well as full-blown siege warfare. Unit counts appear to be well into the hundreds and, visually at least, AoE4 is already looking fantastic at this early stage.

Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis said Age of Empires IV is currently still in a pre-alpha stage so we’re probably still a long way from its PC launch. Still, with the first gameplay now out there we expect to hear plenty more on Age of Empires 4 soon enough.

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“Graphics feel inspired on fornite fad, seem cartoony, kind of like a vibe of Civilization 6 overhaul in termos of graphics from CIV 5. The gameplay itself looks like a mix of settlers, stronghold and anno Dissapointment.”

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