Steam’s new ‘Remote Play Together’ feature lets you play local multiplayer games online

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With the fire lit under its arse since the arrival of the Epic Game Store, Valve continues to roll out some great innovations for Steam. Next up on the platter is Steam’s new ‘Remote Play Together’ feature. In a nutshell, this is a Steamworks update which can allow any local multiplayer game to be played online with other players.

As an example, you could boot up a local split-screen multiplayer game and play it on your PC. You could then invite a friend online (who doesn’t need to own the game) to hop in and play the game with you. They’ll be streaming the game from your system and sending their inputs in remotely. Simple.

“Much like a traditional split-screen experience, the host’s computer is running the game, but with Remote Play Together friends can join using their own controllers, voice, audio, and display — regardless of whether they also own the game on Steam,” writes Valve.

“Any controllers connected to the second player’s computer will act as if they’re plugged directly into the first computer. The player hosting the game can also choose to allow or block inputs to their shared keyboard and mouse.”

Obviously you can expect some minor input lag depending on your connection but for most games it should be perfectly playable. Valve has said it will initially be capped at 1080p, 60fps, although this can be altered if your internet’s not quick enough.

The beta test phase of Remote Play Together will be coming to Steam on October 21st. All you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve opted in to the beta branch of Steam.

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