Rumour: Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC in 2020

Rumour: Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC in 2020

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UPDATE: That report from Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC is doing the rounds again, only this time with a whole lot more credibility.

Last December, YouTuber Anton Logvinov claimed a PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn was in development for PC and may even be ready to release as soon as February. Now this rumour has been given a whole lot more credence by Kotaku newshound  Jason Schreier, who rarely puts a foot wrong whenever he makes an outlandish claim

Schreier categorically says Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC. He’s received corroboration from three independent sources and suggests this may just be the beginning of Sony taking a more multiplatform approach to its exclusive releases.

As we said in the original story, both Death Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn share the same Decima Engine so we’d imagine the work being done on porting Death Stranding has helped considerably with the decision to develop a PC edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The game’s already absolutely gorgeous on PS4 so the prospect of a souped up PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn should have gamers licking their lips in anticipation. If it can come soon, it should at least make the extended wait for Cyberpunk 2077 a little easier.

The other big game reportedly in development for PC is Media Molecule’s Dreams, its hugely ambitious 3D creation software which comes to PS4 on February 14th. A large base of content creators is really important for a game such as Dreams so expanding the focus to PC would make a great deal of sense. This rumour’s a little flakier than Horizon, at least for now, but it speaks of a wider intention from Sony to at least consider freeing its biggest games from the confines of PlayStation.

Original Story – 04-Dec-2019 – Rumour: Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC in 2020

A rumour is doing that rounds that Horizon: Zero Dawn may be the next PlayStation 4 exclusive set to come to PC. There aren’t thumbs big enough to take the pinch of salt required for this one.

It all stems from a claim by Russian YouTuber Anton Logvinov, and subsequently backed up by the likes of Gamesradar. Logvinov reports that Horizon Zero Dawn will be announced for PC very soon and it’ll “be available on PC in February next year.” 

Some credibility is apparently added to the claim because Logvinov also ‘predicted’ earlier this year that Death Stranding would come to PC. It’s not abundantly obvious how predicting Death Stranding’s PC release in early 2019 is anything special though. We’ve been saying for years that Death Stranding will be coming to PC because, well, that’s exactly what Kojima Productions announced back in 2015. It doesn’t exactly qualify as a hot scoop to repeat this claim three years later. As a refresher, here is the original announcement:

So we’re on shaky ground already with this rumour, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s untrue. Unlikely, sure, but not impossible. It would’ve seemed impossible a few years back but Sony has, of late, begun to show that it is at least open to the possibility of allowing PlayStation exclusives to come to PC. Quantic Dreams’ trio of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human were all given the thumbs up for a PC release. Then there’s Death Stranding, of course. Sony published all four of these games on PlayStation 4.

The big difference between those games and this rumour, however, is that Sony owns neither Quantic Dream nor Kojima Productions. Sony does own Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games, however, meaning total and absolute control over the Horizon IP.

On the flip side, there are only two games in existence which use Guerrilla’s Decima Engine – Horizon: Zero Dawn and, yep, Death Stranding. If the hard work is already being put into getting the Decima Engine running well on PC for Death Stranding, wouldn’t it make a bit of sense to at least bring the other Decima title over? Perhaps, and it would also be a great profile boost for the franchise ahead of the expected announcement of Horizon: Zero Dawn 2, which will almost assuredly head to PlayStation 5.

We can’t really see this happening though, to be honest. It seems like a shot in the dark based on the game’s engine more than anything. We’d love it if it did but we’re certainly not getting our hopes up for the prospect any time soon.

What do you reckon then, can you see any truth to this rumour? Let us know!


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