EA confirms Battlefield V successor expected in 2021

EA confirms Battlefield V successor expected in 2021

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Battlefield might see a new addition to the franchise, though not anytime soon it seems. In the latest financial report for EA, COO and CFO Blake Jorgenson mentioned how their live services have seen a record high in the last twelve months. After some financial jargon he finally states EA will “continue to drive growth in fiscal 2021 and for growth to accelerate in fiscal 2022, led by a new battlefield”.

What all this means is that we can expect to see a new Battlefield game arrive sometime between April 2021 and March 2022, and based on the fact that next-gen consoles are set to arrive later this year, it’s safe to assume the next Battlefield will be for next-gen consoles. Based on EA’s usual holiday schedules,we would expect to see the unannounced Battlefield in October/November 2021.

There’s no official information yet on what this new Battlefield will actually be. it could even just be Battlefield 6. Though considering the way EA has been going so far with the franchise we could also see a Battlefield 2… again, or Battlefield 1.5, maybe even Battlefield 0. However, our money is on the long-awaited Battlefield: Bad Company 3, with a possible setting in Vietnam. 

As for Battlefield V? It seems like EA will continue to support this game for now which will give them lots of time to work on new content and, hopefully, get the community thriving. DICE only this week announced the free Chapter 6 update for BFV. At least one new jungle-themed Pacific map is inbound, as well as several new weapons, gadgets, vehicles and a sprinkling of new modes to mess around with.

But, remember when dinosaurs were rumoured to be in Battlefield 3? I’m still waiting for that to happen, perhaps as DLC or even as a spin-off game. The devs even continually hint at it either as a long-running joke or something that they’re actually working on. Either way, Battlefield seems to be staying around for the time being and we can only speculate on what the next title will bring in terms of gameplay, scope and setting.

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