The Witcher Season 2 production to begin this month, will be ‘more intense’ than Season 1

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Production of the second series of Netflix’s The Witcher is due to begin this month. Filming is expected to begin later this month in the UK, as well as additional shots in Hungary, Spain and The Witcher’s home of Poland.

The Witcher has surprisingly ended up being one of Netflix’s most successful shows ever. The last we heard, it was on course to become the biggest Season 1 of a TV series on Netflix ever, eclipsing the mighty Stranger Things in the process. 

According to Deadline, Carmel Laniado is the first new member of the cast for the second season. The British teenager still has a slim filmography to her name, appearing in last year’s TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol as well as the new Dolittle movie (which is, by most accounts, the worst movie since Cats).

Laniado will play an original character in The Witcher, Violet, a “young girl whose playful and whimsical demeanour is a front for a smarter and more sadistic character.” There’ll be people out there more well-versed in The Witcher lore than I, but I believe Violet isn’t a character which appears in the novels whatsoever, so Netflix’s screenwriters are set to go a bit off-piste here.

While airing dates have yet to be revealed, a release for The Witcher Season 2 in early 2021 seems fairly likely. Lauren Hissrich, showrunner for The Witcher, has said the aim is for Season Two to be a lot more “intense”. Season One laid the foundations of the characters and world, while some biggest tensions should start bubbling up in Season Two.

Now you’ve probably all had time to watch it, what were impressions of The Witcher? And how would you like to see it change for Season 2?

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