New updates on Artifact 2.0 include adorable placeholder card art

New updates on Artifact 2.0 include adorable placeholder card art

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Valve has been pretty open with how they are ‘rebooting’ Artifact recently, even going as far as calling the game Artifact 2.0 internally. Initially they said more information will be released following the launch of Half-Life: Alyx, and so far they have kept that promise, providing near-constant updates on the game’s development.

Last week they announced a Beta for Artifact 2.0 that prioritized first inviting founding players (those who bought the game initially when it first came out and spent lots of time in the game). Yesterday, they provided an update on card balancing and new, adorable, placeholder art. Plus a nice message to the community concerning feedback:

When the members of the team decided to reboot Artifact we all did it for different reasons. Some of us loved the original game and wanted to see it thrive. Some of us liked the freeing sense of creativity you can have with a card game. Some of us love trying to figure out how something is broken and see it fixed. There was one unifying reason for all of us – we thought that there was something special in the game, and with hard work we could bring it to light. Thanks for the feedback over the last two weeks, it’s been great seeing how many of you share those feelings.

Apparently there have been some issues concerning how they will handle players who spent a lot of time and money in the original version of the game (as most cards will be either revamped or removed entirely from players collections). They haven’t provided any specific details other than some “great ideas floating around”, but that they will be “incredibly cool and special things”.

It’s also worth noting that Artifact has currently surged in positive reviews on Steam, getting an 80% in recent reviews as of writing this article.

Before debuting the news of new and revamped cards, the development team noted that the game is very much unpolished at the moment whilst they work on the gameplay first and foremost, which extends to the new card art which is, well, just have a look for yourself…

I have to say that the ‘Morphling Welp’ is the absolute standout here (definitely my level of artistic skill), followed close by the ‘Sticky Greevil’. But in all seriousness, it’s really great to see a developer so open and honest not just about development, but about the mistakes that they have made. I’m not saying that some developers don’t do this, but maybe this will set a new standard for developers?

What do you think of the update? How do you feel about the honesty in development? Will Artifact make a significant comeback? Let us know your thoughts!


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